Save a Paw Foundation

VCVREC has partnered with the Veterinary Care Foundation to create Save a Paw Foundation to provide another financial resource for pets in need of veterinary care. Save a Paw is a 501(c)(3) non-profit committed to helping families secure the resources required to provide much needed specialty and emergency care for their pets. Did you know: each year, thousands of pets with treatable conditions are put to sleep because their owners have financial constraints that prevent them from being able to afford necessary specialty or emergency care Save a Paw can help pets and families who are struggling to pay for an unexpected illness or injury.

Save a Paw Foundation will allow us to optimize the generous donations of our clients and animal advocates through the use of a charitable 501(c)3 fund. Through this Foundation we will be able to provide small grants on an as-needed basis to pets qualifying for our program.

VCVREC patients that are considered candidates for a Save a Paw Foundation grant would include the following:

  • Helping fund a Good Samaritan case.
  • Assisting owners that are in a financial crisis.

Funding recipients must have a treatment plan and estimate from VCVREC and demonstrate that all other payment options have been exhausted including:

  • Personal finances (credit cards and care credit)
  • Donations from family and friends
  • Additional fundraising efforts

VCVREC's Save a Paw Foundation. Helping save your four-legged friends.


You can make a donation to Save a Paw through our secure on-line process or send a check made payable to The Veterinary Care Foundation (MEMO VCVREC) and send to 16550 NW 46th St., Morriston, FL 32668. Your gift to Save a Paw is tax-deductible and 100% of your gift will go to supporting the care of pets in need. Every dollar helps us save animals one paw at time.

For any questions please email Allyson Tolliver, Hospital Administrator at

"Extending lives for pets in need"

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