Heroes Helping Heroes (Blood Bank)

Pets donate blood too, Just like we do!

We're Looking for a Few Great Donors

Many pet parents aren't aware that, just as in human medicine, blood products can be a life-saving resource for critically ill or injured pets. Time is of the utmost importance when blood and plasma products are required, and can often be difficult to find.

VCVREC offers an in-house blood bank service with blood products available at any time. Blood products are donated through a local, all-volunteer, canine and feline donor network - pets just like yours. The donation process is easy and fast and includes lots of affection and treats.

Heroes Helping Heroes:

  • One canine donation can help save the lives of up to four pets.
  • One human donation can help save the lives of up to three people.
  • Educate the public on this need, spread the word, and save lives.

Canine Donor Qualifications:

  • Is your canine companion between the years of 1-8?
  • Is your canine companion over 50 pounds?
  • Is your canine companion on year-round heartworm protection, using flea and tick prevention?
  • Is your canine companion current on all vaccines?
  • Is your canine companion free of long-term prescription medications?
  • Is your canine companion good tempered and able to lie still for approximately 5 minutes?

If your canine companion fulfills these criteria then we are ready to schedule orientation and begin the donor process!

Prior to your canine's first donation, the blood bank will set up an orientation to do a meet and greet. We want to make your dog feel as comfortable and special as possible. We will go over step by step the procedure and answer any questions while giving many cookies, praises, and making it a positive experience. At this time, we will begin our pre-screening process to become a blood donor hero. This includes drawing blood samples for a complete blood count, blood parasite and tick borne pathogen screening, and comprehensive blood typing at no cost to you. These results will be forwarded to your regular veterinarian for their records also.

Each appointment will take approximately 30 minutes from start to finish but the actual blood collection takes about 5 minutes. Afterwards your pet will be rewarded with a high energy meal equivalent to our crackers and orange juice!

There are many reasons for blood products to be administered. The blood is separated into different components utilizing what is needed for each circumstance.

The blood that is drawn from your pet is Whole Blood. When we separate whole blood into other components with the use of a centrifuge, it can be divided into Packed Red Blood Cells and Fresh Frozen Plasma.

  • Whole blood - used for anemia (blood loss) such as traumas, hit by cars, and surgeries. Great source to carry oxygen throughout the body.
  • Packed Red Blood Cells- preferred resource, recommended uses for bone marrow dysfunction, parasite infestations, chemotherapy, and anemia to name a few.
  • Fresh Frozen Plasma- may benefit dogs with clotting disorders and diseases such as rat bait ingestion, venomous snake bites, Von Willebrands disease, and Pancreatitis.
  • Having the satisfaction of knowing your pet is a Hero and potentially saved the lives of other pets in need
  • Yearly blood testing required to donate at no charge
  • Heartworm and Flea and Tick preventative at no charge
  • A toy
  • A bag of treats
  • Lots of loving and cookies during the donation
  • Blood products for the donor's lifetime at no charge (equal to the volume donated) if a transfusion is ever needed

Cats can be donors too!

To see if your dog or cat qualifies please click to download the pre-enrollment form and fax it to 610.435.6378 or send via email prior to scheduling a pre-screening appointment for your dog or cat.