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We are happy to announce VCVREC clinical pathologist Dr. Fisher and veterinary surgeon Dr. Gifford are now BOARD CERTIFIED

Dr. Fisher's clinical interests include hematopathology, surgical pathology and cytology, clinical chemistry, and infectious disease. Her goal is to make clinical pathology understandable and easily accessible and to provide accurate and timely results in order to facilitate diagnosis and treatment. 

We offer onsite clinical pathology services to our referring veterinarians. This includes STAT cytology submissions, hematology/blood smear reviews, and chemistry consultations with same-day reporting available Monday thru Thursday. 

Dr. Gifford enjoys all types of surgery, including emergency, soft tissue, neurologic, oncologic, and orthopedic surgery. She has participated in several AO courses on orthopedic repair. She offers TTA, TPLO, and extracapsular stabilization for the repair of cruciate deficient stifles. Dr. Gifford has taken an interest in minimally invasive and interventional techniques. Her own cat has undergone ureteral stenting and ureteral bypass, providing a firsthand view of the advantages of these procedures. Beyond surgery, Dr. Gifford has keen interest in patient care and pain management, striving to treat the entire patient throughout their surgical treatment. 

Please do not hesitate to contact any doctor or staff member with questions or concerns regarding any aspect of our services.